Our Team

May’s Hawaii is its’ people.  We have the best people available bringing Hawaii’s favorite food to you, and we would like to introduce you to the folks who make it all possible. Each team member brings a unique skill set with them; like the perfect balance of flavors within May’s Hawaii products, our team members bring the perfect balance of skills and expertise each day. Feel free to read more about each department and learn some interesting facts along the way.

Meet the Corporate Development Team
The Corporate Development Team is part coach, part manager, and full time Cheerleader. This team is entrusted with setting the direction of May’s Hawaii, refining existing flavors, developing new flavors, managing and updating packaging, growing new markets, ensuring the quality of all products, and introducing May’s Hawaii to the next generations of consumers. The Corporate Development Team also continually compares May’s Hawaii flavors against the marketplace to ensure May’s sets the standard of flavor and quality.

Meet the Retail Sales Team
The Retail Sales team is the face and voice of May’s Hawaii to our retail partners. This team is the front line warriors bringing May’s Hawaii to your favorite retail locations. The Retail Sales Team interfaces with our customers, with our consumers, and with our community. They ensure May’s Hawaii is always in stock, on the shelves when you want it. They are also entrusted with providing us the most recent and relevant feedback on all our products. Our Retail Sales Team also includes a selection of handpicked food representatives on the mainland who help us bring May’s Hawaii to the west coast and beyond. May’s Hawaii also has an internal customer service Sales Team.

Meet the Warehouse and Delivery Team
The Warehouse and Delivery Team is the foundation on which May’s Hawaii is built. This team, more than any other, is responsible for delivering the products you love to eat. And this team, more than any other, really puts their heart and sweat into this job. The May’s freezer is set to 10 degrees, ensuring all May’s Hawaii products are frozen and exceptionally well cared for prior to delivery. Each box is handpicked from the freezer; hand loaded and delivered in temperature control trucks to your favorite retailer. Each box is then carted into the store; always with a smile and sense of Aloha.

Meet the Administrative, Purchasing, and Accounting Teams
The Administrative, Purchasing, and Accounting Teams do all the work our other teams do not. Whether they are processing paperwork, ensuring deliveries and supplies, managing customer accounts, or just keeping us all in line, the Administrative, Purchasing, and Accounting Teams ensure we are all on the same page and working together to reach our goal of bringing Hawaii’s favorite food to you.