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Beef Picnic Patties


Picnic Pattie Story

Hawaii’s future has always been built in our schools. Nothing is more important that an educated keiki. Year after year, one hamburger patties’ taste has reigned supreme among the school system’s tasting panel. The May’s Picnic Pattie was developed in the late 1970’s to capture this taste.

The May’s Picnic Pattie is seasoned to perfection; the same formula for nearly forty years. All beef with a touch of seasoning and special ingredients, still loved by school children of all ages. Why change a good thing?

We are proud of our schools, and we are proud of our Picnic Pattie. Make May’s Picnic Patties a part of dinner tonight, and remember the joys of school (and perhaps not having homework anymore).

The Product

May’s Picnic Patties are slighly seasoned, 4 oz patties sold uncooked and frozen. Picnic patties are stacked 4 high and vacummed sealed for freshness.

  • Available in 2lbs

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