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Teriyaki Thin Sliced Beef May's Teriyaki Thin Sliced Beef

Hawaii was home to the nation’s first cowboys. The Paniolos. Strong men, and women, who lived for their cattle to feed Hawaii, and who represented the freedom and lifestyle many can only dream about. These characters ate beef, just like this. Thin sliced, properly marinated in tasty teriyaki sauce with a hint of ginger, soaked through. We can smell it now cooking on their open fires, the scent calling us home.

May’s Teriyaki Beef is the authentic. Thin sliced, high quality beef, marinated with just the right mix of flavors. Perfect for the grill year round. Great on rice, awesome on sandwiches, perfect with sides for the pot luck next week.

We may not ride like a cowboy, but thanks to May’s, we can eat like one.

Kalbi Ribs May's Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

To celebrate all major family events, mom and dad served kalbi ribs. It was special. Three bones, cross cut, thick and meaty, tender, juicy, with a firm bite that made me feel, somehow, mature. From that day, kalbi ribs were the centerplate of all my special events.

May’s Kalbi Ribs. Authentic Korean marinade! Three bones, thick and meaty. Nothing comes close, anywhere. Place these on the grill and you too will remember all those special occasions. You know, the rest of the country does not have these ribs. Lucky we live in Hawaii!

Real Korean flavor, real memories. Share May’s Kalbi Ribs today, and make every meal a special occasion.