May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Cold Noodles cold-char-siu-chicken-noodles

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Karaage Recipe

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Summer Rolls

People say, “it is always summer in Hawaii.” Well, whereas us locals know that there is a winter season when it cools down, we also know there is never an off season for Summer Rolls. These delicately flavored bundles of joy warm up even the coolest of Hawaii’s winter days. We invite you to try our May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Summer Rolls. We are sure they will warm you as much as they warm us.

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Simple is always best! A kind word, a smile, a helping hand. A grilled chicken stick with veggies. Oh yes! Simple can sometimes be just what is needed to bring a smile to even the most hectic of days. This holiday season, slow down, keep it simple, and make these May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Skewers.

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Flatbread Pizza

We may never really know for sure from where the pizza originated. Some say Brooklyn, NY. Others say Italy. We say it really does not matter, so long as it is topped with succulent May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken. Using either a pizza or flat bread, our recipe brings pizza and cheese and May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken to a higher level. For an enlightened and simple meal, give this recipe a try. Your tastes buds will appreciate the holiday love.

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Thighs Banh Mi

There are sandwiches, there are subs, then there is the Banh Mi. A culinary masterpiece from Vietnam, the perfect marriage of French style with Asian flavors. A Banh Mi is equally delicate served hot or cold, and the flavors will melt in your mouth. Using May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Thighs brings a sweet and salty flavor that just elevates this already delicious sandwich.

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Classics are classics!  They get better with time.  May’s Hawaii is please to introduce a new classic to you, the May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce wrap.  The succulent flavors of May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken with a modern twist.  So good, you do not need rice, bread, or starch.  So good, from the first bite to […]

May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Noodle Salad

A classic Chinese inspired noodle dish, modernized with the great flavors of May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Thighs. A succulent combination of new and classic, sure to be a great addition to your Chinese New Year celebrations.

May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Stir Fry TN_CharSiuChix_Noodles

May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Thighs are a great starter protein for all your meals. This recipe utilizes May’s Hawaii Char Siu Chicken Thighs with fresh vegetables to create a healthy and tasty meal.