Kalua Pork may's kalua pork

So many memories of being in that kitchen with family and friends. There was something magical when she cooked. Kalua pork was her specialty. She would tell us that each time she made it; it was as if her mother was in the kitchen too. Hot, fresh, smoky, salty, and succulent kalua pork; that was how mama made it.

This is the food that connects us to the past; this is the food that links us to our ancestors. May’s Kalua Pork is made to help us remember, and every time I eat it, I am reminded of my Ohana past and future. Smoky, salty, savory, and juicy, tasting as if it too just came from hot from mama’s kitchen. A tasty pleasure, a remembrance of simpler times.

Bring the family home with May’s Kalua Pork.

May’s Hawaii Hawaiian Style Pork Adobo Packaging

Oh boy, I dream about that tangy aroma coming from aunty Lilia’s kitchen, whenever we were lucky enough to get invited for a family gathering. The succulent flavor of the slowly cooked pork, seasoned with black peppercorns, bay leaves and just the right amount of vinegar; it still makes my mouth water when I think about it today.

Char Siu Chicken Thighs May's Hawaii Char Siu Chicken

Take a look around at the people of Hawaii. We all look so different. So many different races and cultures; so many influences on flavors. And yet, oddly, we all look like we belong. We are a great melting pot, a mixing of flavors that brings out the best in all of us. Char Siu (“Fork Roasted”) is the flavor of us.

Red color for good luck, deep in flavor; strong, yet comforting like a good hug. The Chong Family passed a similar recipe down for generations. A modern tweak here, a new additional flavor there, and Aunty Helena’s recipe has never tasted better. May’s Char Siu seasoning, an exotic blend of history and culture, a mirror to the flavors and people of Hawaii.

Bring “China Town” home, and have dinner with Aunty Helena. You’ll be glad you did!

Teriyaki Thin Sliced Beef May's Teriyaki Thin Sliced Beef

Hawaii was home to the nation’s first cowboys. The Paniolos. Strong men, and women, who lived for their cattle to feed Hawaii, and who represented the freedom and lifestyle many can only dream about. These characters ate beef, just like this. Thin sliced, properly marinated in tasty teriyaki sauce with a hint of ginger, soaked through. We can smell it now cooking on their open fires, the scent calling us home.

May’s Teriyaki Beef is the authentic. Thin sliced, high quality beef, marinated with just the right mix of flavors. Perfect for the grill year round. Great on rice, awesome on sandwiches, perfect with sides for the pot luck next week.

We may not ride like a cowboy, but thanks to May’s, we can eat like one.

Beef Picnic Patties May's Picnic Pattie Package

Picnic Pattie Story Hawaii’s future has always been built in our schools. Nothing is more important that an educated keiki. Year after year, one hamburger patties’ taste has reigned supreme among the school system’s tasting panel. The May’s Picnic Pattie was developed in the late 1970’s to capture this taste. The May’s Picnic Pattie is […]

Kalbi Ribs May's Kalbi Beef Short Ribs

To celebrate all major family events, mom and dad served kalbi ribs. It was special. Three bones, cross cut, thick and meaty, tender, juicy, with a firm bite that made me feel, somehow, mature. From that day, kalbi ribs were the centerplate of all my special events.

May’s Kalbi Ribs. Authentic Korean marinade! Three bones, thick and meaty. Nothing comes close, anywhere. Place these on the grill and you too will remember all those special occasions. You know, the rest of the country does not have these ribs. Lucky we live in Hawaii!

Real Korean flavor, real memories. Share May’s Kalbi Ribs today, and make every meal a special occasion.

Teriyaki Chicken Thighs May's Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken

It was always the same from small kid kine days; the ohana gathered around. These were not special occasions, just days of joy. Someone always brought their ukulele and we would all sing. Aunty would prepare the chicken, a special marinade of teriyaki and ginger; uncle would become king of the grill.

That chicken, the firm texture and juicy bites, the flavor that tickles the tongue and lingers just long enough to marry perfectly with mac salad and rice; that was the flavor of our youths. For over 60 years, we have kept that flavor alive, allowing countless generations to enjoy the taste of ohana without the need for aunty to marinade all day. You can be the king of the grill.

Teriyaki Chicken Thighs, with a hint of ginger and a whole lot of love; made for you by us, your ohana too!

Beef Premium Patties May's Premium Beef Patties

Sometimes we want something more sophisticated. We want a burger that takes two hands to hold, a burger that drips juice down a chin, and a burger that makes us totally full after eating it. Sometimes, we want that burger.

May’s Premium Patties are made for desires like these. 100% all beef, lightly seasoned, great bite, succulent and juicy. This is the burger that all other burgers want to grow up to be. From the moment this burger hits the grill, you know it will be different and better.

For something flavorful, juicy, and satisfying, grill up the May’s Premium Pattie, the burger amongst burgers!

Local Boy Pork

There was a time when big hair and the greaser-look was the rage. The guys tooled around in their ‘65 ‘Cudas and Mustangs, to our favorite hangouts. Where cute carhops in short skirts skated over to take your order; and we marveled that not a single tray was dropped. This is when the pork sandwich was king!
May’s Local Boy Pork is the sliced pork we were always looking for. Thinly sliced, great bite, creamy flavor; excellent flavor from the grill or stove top. Piled high in a sandwich or on rice, this pork will satisfy.

When you want something different, something good, something to satisfy, take home May’s Local Boy Sliced Pork.

Beef Teriyaki Patties

Mom cooked. Dad grilled. That was the way it was. The grill was hot, some flames, and those burgers. We could not get enough of those Teriyaki Burgers, seasoned with magic and grilled to perfection. My dad took so much pride in his grill and those burgers.

May’s Teriyaki Beef Patties. The same flavor passed from generations for over 50 years. Certain foods are classic; this is a kama’aina classic. My son is almost old enough to begin grilling and these will definitely be on the grill when that day comes.

A classic never goes out of style. Grill up some May’s Teriyaki Beef Patties today!

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