Hamburger Patties

Beef Picnic Patties May's Picnic Pattie Package

Picnic Pattie Story Hawaii’s future has always been built in our schools. Nothing is more important that an educated keiki. Year after year, one hamburger patties’ taste has reigned supreme among the school system’s tasting panel. The May’s Picnic Pattie was developed in the late 1970’s to capture this taste. The May’s Picnic Pattie is […]

Beef Premium Patties May's Premium Beef Patties

Sometimes we want something more sophisticated. We want a burger that takes two hands to hold, a burger that drips juice down a chin, and a burger that makes us totally full after eating it. Sometimes, we want that burger.

May’s Premium Patties are made for desires like these. 100% all beef, lightly seasoned, great bite, succulent and juicy. This is the burger that all other burgers want to grow up to be. From the moment this burger hits the grill, you know it will be different and better.

For something flavorful, juicy, and satisfying, grill up the May’s Premium Pattie, the burger amongst burgers!

Beef Teriyaki Patties

Mom cooked. Dad grilled. That was the way it was. The grill was hot, some flames, and those burgers. We could not get enough of those Teriyaki Burgers, seasoned with magic and grilled to perfection. My dad took so much pride in his grill and those burgers.

May’s Teriyaki Beef Patties. The same flavor passed from generations for over 50 years. Certain foods are classic; this is a kama’aina classic. My son is almost old enough to begin grilling and these will definitely be on the grill when that day comes.

A classic never goes out of style. Grill up some May’s Teriyaki Beef Patties today!