May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Patties Cheeseburger Casserole

When comfort food merges with the taste of Aloha, something magical happens.  The May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Pattie Cheeseburger Casserole is such a moment.  This dish is great for everyone.  In addition, it is an awesome starter recipe for the young chefs in your house.  Think how proud they will be when they see the joy […]

May’s Hawaii Premium Cinco De Mayo Burger

Make May’s a part of your Cinco De Mayo! Here’s another A-May’s-zing recipe!

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki and Fried Onion Burger

This great Teri Burger recipe kicks it up a notch with fresh fried onions!

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Sliced Beef Cheese Steak Sandwich

East coast meets Hawaii! Try this game day winner!

May’s Hawaii Premium Patty Power Burger (Triple P and B)

This will power you up with the right flavors after a hard day or eventful night!

May’s Hawaii Picnic Patty Kim Chee Beach Burger

This recipe will bring you back to the good old days on the beach! Great any time of the year!

May’s Hawaii Loco Moco TN_Patty_LocoMoco

May’s Hawaii and Ka Lei Eggs are pleased to partner together to bring some of Hawaii favorite foods to you. This example of Local Moco uses the best ingredients from two long time Hawaii companies and captures the flavors of Hawaii in a delicate balance of protein and starches.

May’s Hawaii Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

May’s Teriyaki Beef Kabobs is our interpretation of this classic grilling dish. Easy to make, fun to eat, and oh so flavorful, these are sure to become winners at your next grilling event.