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Char Siu Chicken Thighs


Char Siu Chicken Story

Take a look around at the people of Hawaii. We all look so different. So many different races and cultures; so many influences on flavors. And yet, oddly, we all look like we belong. We are a great melting pot, a mixing of flavors that brings out the best in all of us. Char Siu (“Fork Roasted”) is the flavor of us.

Red color for good luck, deep in flavor; strong, yet comforting like a good hug. The Chong Family passed a similar recipe down for generations. A modern tweak here, a new additional flavor there, and Aunty Helena’s recipe has never tasted better. May’s Char Siu seasoning, an exotic blend of history and culture, a mirror to the flavors and people of Hawaii.

Bring “China Town” home, and have dinner with Aunty Helena. You’ll be glad you did!

The Product

May’s Char Siu Chicken Thighs are boneless and skinless chicken thighs with a special char siu marinade.  They are sold uncooked and frozen.  These can be cooking in the oven, on the stove top, or grilled and can serve as a substitute for any of your chicken dishes.

  • Available in 2 lbs. 

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