May’s Hawaii is proud to count those groups and organizations listed below amongst our friends.  We value these friendships as much as we value the quality of the products we produce.  Nothing can improve upon the flavors of May’s Hawaii other than enjoying them with friends.  Please, visit our friends and make them your own!

Hawai`i Culinary Education Foundation

culinaryThe Hawaii Culinary Education Foundation is a nonprofit corporation and 501c3 tax exempt organization,championing culinary education in Hawai‘i. The Foundation provides Hawai‘i’s culinary students access to cutting-edge knowledge and techniques through programs featuring visiting chefs, educational opportunities, center of the plate programs, master classes and special fund-raising events. The Hawai`i Culinary Education Foundation is dedicated to the development and support of culinary training programs throughout the state of Hawai‘i to promote our unique culinary traditions. Created in 1998, the Foundation recognizes the contribution of the culinary industry to Hawai‘i’s economy. An advisory committee comprised of prominent members of the Hawai’i restaurant and hotel industry and leaders of culinary programs meet regularly to plan activities and fund raising events. We are proud to support the Hawai’i Culinary Education Foundation.

Nā Koa Kai Canoe Club

Nā Koa Kai, “Sea Warriors”, Hawaiian words that describes our founding members and their passion for the Hawaiian culture and heihei waʽa (Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing). Our founding members were previously members of the first combined youth outrigger canoe racing & Hawaiian cultural immersion program on the U.S. Mainland at another San Diego outrigger canoe club. This cultural immersion program was founded by Uncle Gus Cervantes in 2008. After four very successful years Uncle Gus decided it was time build a new club. This new Hawaiian outrigger canoe club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian and Pacific Islander culture and fostering a lifestyle of fitness through competitive outrigger canoe racing. This website is dedicated to all of those Nā ʽŌpio (youths) who participated in his former program and all Nā ʽŌpio everywhere!