Fund Raising

Are you interested in Fund Raising with May’s Hawaii?

May’s Hawaii is proud to support local non-profit groups with their fund raising efforts.  The information below will provide a quick summary of the May’s Hawaii Fundraiser program.  After reading this information, please complete the form below and we shall contact you with more details.

Are all May’s Hawaii products available for fund raising?  Yes, all May’s Hawaii products are available.  May’s Hawaii products made available for fund raising are provided in food service bulk packaging.

Is there a minimum order requirement for fund raising?  Yes, all items must be ordered by the case.  More specific quantity information shall be provided in later contacts and is based upon May’s Hawaii product selection and size.

Will May’s Hawaii deliver to my event?  No. May’s Hawaii will not deliver to your event.  For Oahu based groups, all orders must be picked up from our Kapolei facility and paid COD on the day of pick up.  For mainland groups, we will provide the nearest location from which May’s Hawaii products can be acquired.

Does my group need 501c3 status?  No. As long as your group is a recognized community group, we do not require 501c3 status.  We do charge sales tax on all orders.

Please complete the form below and a May’s Hawaii Team Member will contact you regarding your request.

Fund Raising

  • Provide details of type of support you are looking for, event dates and locations, and any other information that will help use understand and assess your request.