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Kalua Pork


Kalua Pork Story
So many memories of being in that kitchen with family and friends. There was something magical when she cooked. Kalua pork was her specialty. She would tell us that each time she made it; it was as if her mother was in the kitchen too. Hot, fresh, smoky, salty, and succulent kalua pork; that was how mama made it.

This is the food that connects us to the past; this is the food that links us to our ancestors. May’s Kalua Pork is made to help us remember, and every time I eat it, I am reminded of my Ohana past and future. Smoky, salty, savory, and juicy, tasting as if it too just came from hot from mama’s kitchen. A tasty pleasure, a remembrance of simpler times.

Bring the family home with May’s Kalua Pork.

The Product

May’s Kalua Pork is 100% pork, fully cooked, shredded, and sold frozen.  It can be heated on a stove top or in the microwave. 

  • Available in 12 oz & 16 oz packages.  

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