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Local Boy Pork


The Local Boy Sliced Pork Story
There was a time when big hair and the greaser-look was the rage. The guys tooled around in their ‘65 ‘Cudas and Mustangs, to our favorite hangouts. Where cute carhops in short skirts skated over to take your order; and we marveled that not a single tray was dropped. This is when the pork sandwich was king!

The texture was firm, yet thick enough so it yielded well as you bit into it. The smooth flavor was not sweet, but creamy, in a unique way, unlike like any other sandwich meat out there. Just thinking about it made the 40 minute drive from the Leeward-side worthwhile. We missed that flavor, so that’s why we started making our version of that great pork sandwich.

It took us nearly 10 months to perfect the flavor we remembered, making it considerably harder since some of us weren’t even around then. After dozens of batches of product, and countless mouths evaluating our recipes, we think we finally got it right. Today you’ll get a chance to taste our “Local Boy” pork, a “tip of the hat to those great restaurants and days gone by…”

The Product

Local Boy Sliced Pork is thinly sliced with a light marinade.  It is sold frozen and uncooked.  It tastes equally well cooked on the stove top or on a grill.  We recommend serving over rice, on a bun, or as a substitute to pork in any of your favorite recipes.

  • Available in 32 oz

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