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May’s Hawaii Hawaiian Style Pork Adobo


The Pork Adobo Story

Oh boy, I dream about that tangy aroma coming from aunty Lilia’s kitchen, whenever we were lucky enough to get invited for a family gathering. The succulent flavor of the slowly cooked pork, seasoned with black peppercorns, bay leaves and just the right amount of vinegar; it still makes my mouth water when I think about it today.

Uncle, liked his pork adobo more tart than the rest of us, so he added more vinegar into his bowl. I liked it a bit sweeter, so aunty put a little bit of sugar in mine. Everybody got their dish the way they wanted it. How special was that?

Today, you can get that same fully cooked Hawaiian Style pork adobo from May’s Hawaii, available in the perishable or freezer sections of your favorite store. Pick up a package today and make it your own!

The Product

May’s Hawaii Pork Adobo is solid cuts of succulent pork, marinated in a special blend of Hawaiian Style Adobo seasoning. It is fully cooked and chilled.  It tastes equally good in your favorite adobo recipe or as a stand alone meal reheated in the microwave. We recommend using May’s Hawaii Pork Adobo in all your favorite adobo recipes.

  • Available in 12 oz chilled pouches